Letter From the Editors, January 2016

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Ignited Magazine! First of all we would like to thank all of our contributors for the time and heart they put into their writing and art in this issue. We chose to start this magazine in response to a longing we felt for community and space for honest discussions about life and faith, and the first batch of submissions have begun to do exactly that. So, thank you so much for jumping into this with us and being willing to be honest and authentic.

The theme for this month centers around endings, beginnings, and transitions; things that we feel are a significant part of life at any age, but are especially poignant in the years of emerging adulthood, wherein it sometimes feels that transition is the only constant. We hope to engage our readers and contributors in exploring how to live life with intention, faith, and purpose as we work to lay the building blocks for our lives.

We feel that the struggle of finding community while navigating transition is as universal as is it challenging, and hope that Ignited will provide and space for us to share our experiences with people from around the country and all over the world. Furthermore, we hope that through our writing and interactions we can support one another in our desire to live incarnationally in our everyday lives.

At this stage Ignited Magazine is an experiment in creating an authentic, honest space for processing how to live into the teachings of Jesus in our individual contexts and in the world. We’re excited to see how this experiment will progress and are glad you have joined us for the ride!

Special thanks to Isaac Hughes, Rachel Rybicki, Hope Mather, and Adam Moore for taking the leap and being our first contributors. Thanks to Dave Laird for his help with our website. And thanks to Noah Scandrette for designing our logo.

We pray that you all go in peace as you return to work and school after the holiday break, and that you feel the encouragement and love of the Creator in your lives this month.

Peace of Christ be with you,

Hailey and Brent



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