Note to Self: (for when you’re afraid)

By Hailey Joy Scandrette

Remember darling,
that your words are only as powerful as you allow them to be;
so don’t hold them captive
because they trip over each other
with clumsy excitement
that makes your heart beat too fast,
your ribs are a cage for the words you don’t say,
so speak,
but first breathe
in and
and out.

Remember darling,
that your fears are only proof that your heart is working;
still pumping warm red love
through your aching limbs
all the way to your finger tips,
making them itch
for a dance partner
who will hold you
close enough to feel you breathe
in and
and out.

Remember darling,
that all your scars are the marks of growing;
proof you got this far,
that you fought this hard,
took risks
swam in water that was too deep,
and learned to float on your back
taking deep breaths
in and
and out.

1011422_10153857559713000_7316683471716666265_n.jpgAuthor Bio: Hailey Joy Scandrette is a senior at San Francisco State University studying US History, and Counseling. When not ears deep in primary source analysis and note taking, she enjoys thrift shopping, writing, climbing trees, and going on long walks with her friends and family. She is passionate about social justice, living incarnationally, loving and serving others, and almost anything else that she has any opinion on.


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