Letter From the Editors, February 2016

Dear Readers, February has been such a strong month for Ignited. As we reviewed some of the submissions, we were taken aback by their wonderful vulnerability and depth. One goal we had in mind when we imagined starting this magazine was to open up a forum for people to unpack and share their struggles together. This is also the reason we chose a prompt about faith, doubt, and struggle … Continue reading Letter From the Editors, February 2016

Faith, Doubt, and Certainty

By Teresa Attridge I was born to an Irish Catholic father and a Filipina Catholic mother, which is the first and foremost reason for my having been raised intensely, indisputably Catholic. I was named after Patron Saint Teresa of Avila and baptized almost immediately after I was born. I grew up going to church twice a week – Catechism on Saturday and Mass on Sunday. I was the star … Continue reading Faith, Doubt, and Certainty

Being Human: Depression, Disconnect, and Doubt

By Hailey Joy Scandrette I only remember scattered, vivid snapshots from my first semester of college. The mild depression I’d struggled with since falling victim to an unidentified illness when I was 15 reared its ugly head in a new, terrifying way. I don’t remember exactly when the numbness crept in. My classes were going well, I’d met people who I chatted with before class … Continue reading Being Human: Depression, Disconnect, and Doubt

“Show Yourself,” I said

By Brent Andrews It is embarrassingly easy for me to think back to times in my life that I felt disconnected from god. The amount of time I have spent struggling to form some aspect of my relationship with god seems to be disproportionate to the times that I haven’t. The former occurring much more often, at least in my mind. I was thinking of when, exactly, I felt especially disconnected and I came … Continue reading “Show Yourself,” I said

Lent Action

In March, our issue will discuss sustainability and how we can align inner and outer sustainability to ensure that our personal lives and our impact on the world around us are intentional and sustainable. However, we realized that our March action around this theme paired nicely with the practice of Lent. So we’ll be starting it earlier than usual, on February 10th! We believe that … Continue reading Lent Action