Lent Action

In March, our issue will discuss sustainability and how we can align inner and outer sustainability to ensure that our personal lives and our impact on the world around us are intentional and sustainable. However, we realized that our March action around this theme paired nicely with the practice of Lent. So we’ll be starting it earlier than usual, on February 10th!

We believe that cultivating outer sustainability is inherently linked to the abundance of the kingdom of God in that it encourages us to think creatively about how we can use our daily practices, behaviors, and consumption to show love to our neighbors all around the world and to the future generations that will inherit the planet. In order to do this, and other work that honors God, it is important that we identify what practices, people, and environments sustain us, and keep us energized and aligned with the spirit of love, mercy and justice.

We invite you all to join us in practicing Lent with focus on inner (spiritual) sustainability AND outer (global) sustainability. Our behavior shapes our relationship with God and with one another, so changing our behavior for a period of time allows us to explore our relationship with God and the world around us in new ways. Choose two practices that you can engage in on a weekly or daily basis (a couple times a week at least is preferable). One of these practices should focus on bringing inner sustainability to your life, and the other practice should focus on your impact on the world around you. In both cases these practices should encourage you to think consciously about the role of sustainability within yourself, and about your role in sustaining the world over the course of the next few weeks. The practice should not be something that you will do anyways, it should be something new or different that allows you to engage more deeply with understanding your relationship with sustainability.

Below we have listed some ideas for practices you might try adopting, but you can do anything you feel inspired to. In March you will have the opportunity to share about your practices in the magazine or on the Ignited Collective facebook page.

Inner Sustainability:
— Journalling
— Setting aside time each day for silent, contemplative prayer
–Meeting regularly with a friend or group of friends who nurture your soul and encourage you.
— Setting aside a few times a week to spend being creative, going on walks, or practicing self care in whatever ways work best for you.

Outer Sustainability:
–Fasting from a certain kind of consumption for ethical reasons (ex: fasting from meat, fasting from non-fair trade chocolate, not buying any new clothes during this time, etc).
–Changing the source of your consumption (ex: only drinking fair trade coffee/tea, buying produce at your local farmers’ market, patronizing only local cafes and restaurants instead of chains, etc).
–Changing your transportation practices (ex: choosing to walk, bike, or take public transportation instead of driving when possible).
–Learn and/or practice a skill that will help you be more sustainable and self-reliant in the future (ex: sewing, repairing your belongings, or growing food).
–Try out a new earth-keeping practice (ex: recycling, composting, using only reusable water bottles or shopping bags, etc).
More on Sustainability:

More on Lent:

As always, if you have any questions email us at ignitedmag@gmail.com!


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