Doubts in the Tide

By Rachel Rybicki

How can I deny the beat of my own heart?
How can I doubt the rush of my own breath?
How can I deny You who first made my heart to beat?
How can I doubt You who first breathed life into me?
You are life
And life is found in You.
My own sorrow
My own fears
They strangle
They choke
Within me wages a battle
Outside the storm rages on.
You are in me
I am in Your arms
Whatever may come
Whatever shall pass
Doubt chooses me
I choose You.
Love is an action
Belief is a choice
The sun dies each night
But the moon is born
The sparrow hungers
She is fed
My feet are bound
You give me wings.
My arms, they break
You carry me.
When You are found within
I am not without
You claim the stars
Each spell my name
You root the trees
I bask in their shade
The flowers hold Your fragrance
The rivers bathe Your feet
All creation is Your song
All life, a symphony
Fear chooses me
I choose You.
Where darkness, there is light
Where struggle reigns, I fight
I seek You in a lover’s eyes
Met with a devotion which falls so short
I search Your name for proof
Not possibly denied
You are everywhere
Because You are found within me
I choose faith
Belief holds the key
You breathe, I breathe
Within You, within me I see
Like the receding tide
So my doubts slip through my grasp
Your hand in the waves
My struggle in the tides
Brought out to see
Far beyond my reach.
The waiting for a glimpse of You
It must be called hope
The surrender in the storm
It must be called love
You choose me
And I choose You.
Author Bio: Rachel is a nanny who spends her free time writing and trying to save the world. She knows the most important thing in this world is love- the love God has for us and the love we share with each other! Her passion in life is to bring hope to the hopeless.

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