Letter from the Editors April 2016

Dear Readers,

Once again it seems that the business of life and, for many of us, college has caused a low submissions turnout for Ignited this month. With this in mind we’ve decided that there will be no new issue in May so that we and our contributors can focus on finals if necessary. However, we’ll be back in June and hope that you’ll join us in conversation over the summer!

This month’s theme was social justice and its role in our faith. We feel that Jesus’ teachings call us to a life dedicated to radically loving our neighbors and breaking down the barriers of inequality and oppression that keep us separate. As young adults we’re in a unique position in that we’re in a time of transition, which has its drawbacks, but also means that there’s room in our lives for exploring how we might live out our values and create lifestyles for ourselves that promote justice and love. So, what does that look like? Our pieces this month explore that question.

If this is a conversation you’re interested in participating in, but you weren’t able to contribute this month, please let us know. We would definitely like for this to be an ongoing discussion if it’s one you want to be a part of.

Peace of Christ be with you,

Hailey and Brent


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