Letter from the Editors, June 2016

Dear Readers, As evidenced by another short issue, we are still in the learning process when it comes to finding and encouraging contributors. So, instead of writing about our contributions for the month in this Letter from the Editors, we’re going to tell you what we’re up to this summer and how you can support Ignited in this season if that is something you’d like … Continue reading Letter from the Editors, June 2016

Connection in Prayer

By Hailey Joy Scandrette I thrive on connection: connection with people, connection with God– the more intimate, frequent, and dependable the better. I almost constantly crave a sense of knowing others and being known by them. Lately I’ve been realizing that this connection-seeking urge is a deeply fundamental part of who I am. Which was probably already painfully obvious to people who knows me, but … Continue reading Connection in Prayer