Letter from the Editors, June 2016

Dear Readers,

As evidenced by another short issue, we are still in the learning process when it comes to finding and encouraging contributors. So, instead of writing about our contributions for the month in this Letter from the Editors, we’re going to tell you what we’re up to this summer and how you can support Ignited in this season if that is something you’d like to do! The theme for this month was spiritual practice, and if you’re interested in our thoughts on that you can go ahead and read our individual reflections.

First, on a personal note we are each getting on airplanes in the next couple days! Brent is off to spend 2 months in Taiwan in a language intensive program, and Hailey is visiting family in Minnesota before heading to Wild Goose Festival where she is speaking and hosting a meet up for young adults. Please pray that each of us have safe travels and find meaningful connections and adventures on our journeys!

Second, we’re trying to up our outreach and engagement game this summer. We face several challenges in locating and growing our audience and contributors. As you, know Ignited runs entirely on volunteers efforts and a budget of zero dollars. We are also finding that because the lives of young adults are very full and not everyone has the time, or confidence, to write for us. However, we really believe in creating space for conversation and connection about faith and incarnational living, so we’re trying to do what we can with the resources that we have to make it easy and interesting for people to share their writing and artwork through Ignited.

We’ve been offering writing support upon request since we began, but this summer we’re working to make that offer more accessible and clear to everyone interested in contributing. We’ll be updating our Submissions page later this week with information about how to request proofreading and notes on your writing. Please remember that you don’t have to consider yourself a writer in order to write for us. Your thoughts and voice are valuable, even if they feel unpolished to you! We also want to remind everyone that we are always open to your suggestions for monthly themes and discussion topics. What questions are you wrestling with? What conversations are you longing to have? What are you passionate about? Let us know!

Hailey has been working on outreach for the past month and a half. She was interviewed by Sandbox Cooperative for their podcast (which is excellent, please check it out), and that interview will air sometime in the next few months (I’m sure we’ll social media blast it when it does). She will also be sharing about Ignited at the young adult meet up at Wild Goose. We began Ignited as a way to connect inspired young people of faith who want to have honest, vulnerable conversations about life in a safe, inclusive setting. We hope that by putting ourselves out there we’ll find other people who are looking for this kind of space!

As always, we deeply appreciate your support! If you believe in what we’re trying to do, please continue to share about Ignited and invite people to get involved in our conversations. It’s hard to get momentum going, especially in a technological era where our attention is constantly shifting, but we feel strongly that we still need spaces for reflection, process, conversation, and connection. We’re excited to see what the rest of the summer has in store!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, you are most definitely in ours.
Peace of Christ be with you,

Hailey and Brent


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