August Prompt

Calling and Purpose
Submission deadline: Friday, August 26th, 2016

This month we’ll be discussing ‘calling’, that illusive, divine pull towards a vocation or way of living that many of us feel or hope to feel, especially in seasons of transition and discernment. In the following paragraph our editor, Brent, shares some of his thoughts and feelings about ‘calling’:

I have seen people follow what they found as their divine calling and it is a completely beautiful thing that is filled with inexplicable joy. But, frankly, the word ‘calling’ gives me chills. I associate it with an unsatisfied goal that I don’t have the context or knowledge to even pursue. We hear people talk about finding your ‘calling’ in life. Or maybe they explain how they found theirs. But often times the line of divine calling and personal goals, to me, seems to get blurred easily. Here is what I mean: I think humans have a deep-seeded desire to matter in this world. I also think that that looks like something different for every person. But, at what point–if ever–do our own desires turn into what we think God’s plan for us is? Or vice-versa. In contrast, there also seems to be times when, on paper, certain events in my life wouldn’t be seen as God’s plan had I mapped out my life prior to their occurrence, but a few of those moments completely changed the trajectory of my life-I think for the better. God’s plan for us is deeply complex, so how do we decipher the noise of this world and our loud desires and listen well to what is our true purpose might be?

Regardless of what your relationship with calling is like, we want to hear about your experiences. Below are some questions to get you started, but feel free to to share whatever comes to you about the role (or lack thereof) that ‘calling’ plays in your life.

-Have you felt called to certain things in your life? What has that looked like, how has it felt?
-Is ‘calling’ and illusive concept for you? How else have you learned to think about your purpose in life?
-What is God’s true ‘calling’ for us as his children?
-How can we create space to understand our perceived calling (or become open to radical changes to our daily life)?
-How can we begin to discern between our own desires and God’s?
-What are ways we can learn how to nurture personal dreams and explore our calling?
-What if our idea of God’s calling for us doesn’t work out?  How do we continue to trust that his plan is more complex than we will ever know?

As always, please review our submission guidelines and please send any questions you might have to!


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