Toads and Diamonds

By Hailey Joy Scandrette Note: When I tried to respond to the prompt on being a relational being this month, I was caught somewhat off-guard by my inability to put my thoughts and feelings into words. I’m very much in the midst of working through a lot vis a vis my relationship with relationships, so I’ve decided that the most vulnerability I can muster this month … Continue reading Toads and Diamonds

September 2016 Prompt: On Being Relational Beings.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, September 25th As human beings we are relational creatures. From the minute we’re born until we die we’re creating connections between ourselves and the people around us. The relationships we cultivate can feed our souls or drain our energy; they can encourage us to be our best selves, or coax our shadow selves to the forefront of our self-expression; they can make … Continue reading September 2016 Prompt: On Being Relational Beings.