September 2016 Prompt: On Being Relational Beings.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, September 25th

As human beings we are relational creatures. From the minute we’re born until we die we’re creating connections between ourselves and the people around us. The relationships we cultivate can feed our souls or drain our energy; they can encourage us to be our best selves, or coax our shadow selves to the forefront of our self-expression; they can make us feel safe, or trapped. Because our interactions with other people make up so much of our lives, these connections play an important role in shaping our sense of self and our perception of the world and our place in it.

How have the relationships in your life shaped your understanding of the world?
How do they influence how you experience yourself and/or your relationship with God?
What kinds of insight have the people in your life provided about God and life?
How have your relationships affected your self-perception?
What have you learned about yourself as a relational being?
What have your relationships with friends, family, and significant others taught you about the nature of God?
As creatures with a great capacity for recognizing and valuing relationships, how are we called to act in our relationships with the planet and the other creatures who inhabit it?
How do expectations about the relationships in your life shape your experience and view of them? 

How do the relationships in your life inspire you to live, act, and love?

As always we encourage you to share your stories and experiences and to only focus on as much or as little of the topic as is helpful for you right now. As with many of our topics this is a broad theme, so feel free to just pick one question, story, or relationship to share about in your art or writing.

If you have any questions please send them to, and be sure to review our submission guidelines to see if your question is answered there! We look forward to hearing from you!



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