Poem for Boys Still Moving

By Danielle Marie Clark

When you go
if you see cracked concrete, wild lavender
deja vu of bodies from somewhere
if you smell Michigan spring on an open window drive down the highway
say thank you to the air we both breathe
listen to the shh of your fingers
the lullaby of the adventurous
the chant of boys still moving

have you ever wondered the mystery of how
have you ever looked into the window of one building
and remembered all the others
like a bum rush
like a wave

if you pray- ask for the razor edge of adventure
sometimes the expanse of that highway
other times a black pool of water
you contemplate over and over but never jump in

harbor the memories where we intersected
waving as we walked
becoming un-strangers

when you go
taste the water from the lakes that surround us
and if you’d like

close a fist

over the thread in your chest

that connects us.





Danielle Marie Clark is a poet living Grand Rapids, Michigan. Passionate about encouraging young creatives to write and read their work, Danielle coordinates young writers readings in partnership with Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters and Grand Valley State University. She enjoys yoga, drinking wine, and procrastinating when filling out grad school applications.



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