Jesus in the Midst

By Georgia Lee

Proposition V: Tax on Distributing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages. Proposition Q : Prohibiting tents on sidewalks. Proposition W: Real Estate Transfer Tax on Properties Over $5 Million. Proposition 67: Ban on Single-use Plastic Bags. Proposition 62: Repeal of the Death Penalty. Presidents, Senators, Representatives, Judges, School Board Members, City Supervisors…

This election I have decisions to make about 51 positions and propositions.
Voting : a confusing responsibility and a small offering; a twisted process and a deep privilege.

So I ask – Jesus, where are you in this election? What are your thoughts about soft drink taxes and homeless friends in sidewalk tents and properties worth millions and plastic bags and death penalties and people in positions of power?

I wrestle with political party dichotomies, gray spectrums rather than black & white answers, us v. them tensions, does-one-vote-even-matter doubts… and my own ignorance, entitlement, frustration, and exhaustion.

And ultimately, I find that Jesus is in the midst –
sitting beside us on our couches as we laugh & cringe at streaming debates
mourning with those hurting on the margins who we sit with in the park & go to protests for as a voice
hearing the raised voices of congressional meetings & tense tones of behind-closed-door conversations
whispering rhythms of truth as we slip towards uncertainty & despair
dialoging with us as we struggle with difficult todays and fear not-much-better tomorrows.
If God’s breath is upholding our very human existence, in all its fragility and self-promotion, our great God must reign sovereign at every high podium and be sweetly present in every forgotten corner of our society…

Yes, Jesus is in our courtrooms and corn fields, doctor’s offices and city dumps, refugee encampments and rapid transit systems, libraries and locker rooms, preschools and public housing, fancy restaurants and front porches.

God hears + sees + challenges + weeps + comforts…
And God is restoring, reconciling, renewing, making right, connecting, and redeeming.

May the pain & confusion of this season lead us to acknowledge our own smallness and wild need for a Savior.

And may we pay attention to the ways that Jesus is offering us quiet glimpses of hope & joy – in the midst.

unnamedGeorgia is a bi-vocational missionary living in San Francisco. She values exploring farmer’s markets, singing in harmony, worshipping God in the ordinary, wrestling with identity, climbing trees, knowing neighbors on the margins, overusing “y’all,” connecting diverse communities, and asking hard questions.

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