Dear readers,

We’re excited to kick off 2017 by announcing two major changes that we hope will make Ignited more accessible for you and help us to provide engaging content on issues you are interested in discussing and reading about!

First, we will be cutting our issue number in half and putting out 6 issues per-year, instead of attempting to put out 12. We hope that this will give our contributors more time to write and create for each issue. We have received feedback that the quick turn-around from issue to issue makes it hard for potential contributors to keep up. We hope that with longer periods between deadlines more of you will feel like you have enough time to share your important perspectives!

Second, we are changing our age limit. We will now accept submissions from anyone age 18-30. We hope that this will broaden the scope of both our readers and our writers and help us to achieve our goal of facilitating important, growth-oriented conversations about faith and justice while representing a wide range of perspectives. So, if you’re 27-30 and you’ve been reading Ignited at all in the past year, we’re calling on you to join the conversation!

Also, please remember that suggestion for topics and themes are always welcome and can be submitted to us via email or on any of our social media platforms. This isn’t an announcement so much as it is a reminder. We really want to be hosting the conversations that are important to you and that are relevant to your process and life. We do our best to chose and write prompts that people can relate to no matter where they’re coming from, but we’d also love your input!

We’ll have a couple more announcements to make in the next couple of months, but for now we hope that these changes will help Ignited grow as a place for processing our lives and the life of Jesus, and for translating ideas into action as we each continue to grow and learn more about what it means to love our neighbors as wholly and radically as Jesus did.

Best wishes for the new year!

Hailey and Brent


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