February/March 2017 Prompt:Faithful Resistance

REVISED DEADLINE: Submissions due on Monday March 6th by 11:59pm.

Last weekend I marched with thousands of people through downtown San Francisco as we grieved for our country and reminded ourselves of our collective power. In the past few years I have become increasingly aware of the terrible oppression and stark injustices that exist in our country. My anger and concern have increased since realizing that a large portion of my fellow (white, protestant) Christians have elected to grant considerable power to someone I see as directly opposed to much of what Jesus had to say about love, compassion, mercy, truth, and justice. Jesus routinely challenged oppressive power structures and resisted evil both inside and outside himself. What does resistance look like to you politically, personally, spiritually?

What actions are you taking to continue fighting to bring the kingdom of God to the world around you?

How do you stay hopeful and determined in the face of hardships, oppression, and worry?

Who do you look to as role models for Jesus-like resistance?

What is your hope for how we can act and organize to show love and light to those around us through what feels like a very dark time to some of us?

What calls to action do you feel right now?

How have you determined (or how are you determining) what justice/resistance work to focus your energies on?

There is lots of talk about “coming together” and “uniting” during this time, what does that mean to you? How do you feel about these kinds of entreaties?

Please check our submissions page for guidelines about written and visual submissions, and don’t hesitate to email us with your questions and comments at ignitedmag@gmail.com.


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