July Prompt: Share Your Passions!

Submission deadline: July 29th (we will be posting contributions throughout the month as we receive them) This month we’re doing something a little different with our conversation. Instead of writing on a predetermined theme or responding to a prompt, we’re asking you to share something you’re excited about with us! Whether you’re learning something new, or you recently had an experience that shifted something for … Continue reading July Prompt: Share Your Passions!

Letter from the Editor, May 2017

Dear Readers, As is to be expected as a still very young magazine, we only receive a small number of submissions each month, but I am consistently impressed by our contributors’ vulnerability, depth, and willingness to grapple with nuance and doubt. I encourage you all to read this month’s submissions on mental health, faith, and stigma for this reason. As part of our conversation on … Continue reading Letter from the Editor, May 2017