July Prompt: Share Your Passions!

Submission deadline: July 29th (we will be posting contributions throughout the month as we receive them)

This month we’re doing something a little different with our conversation. Instead of writing on a predetermined theme or responding to a prompt, we’re asking you to share something you’re excited about with us! Whether you’re learning something new, or you recently had an experience that shifted something for you, or there’s an issue or idea you’re eager to discuss, or you have a lot of knowledge to share about a niche topic, or there’s a story you’ve been itching to tell–we want to hear about it! What is keeping you engaged with life and passionate about learning, living, and loving this summer?

Keep in mind that we’ll accept any artform or medium that we can figure out how to share on this website, so feel free to send in reflections, essays, creative writing, visual art, videos, etc.

We are so excited to learn from you all and see what you’re passionate about! Please contact us with any questions or concerns at ignitedmag@gmail.com, and please review our submission guidelines before submitting your work.



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