About us: Ignited is an online magazine and community of people ages 18-30 seeking to follow the teachings and actions of Jesus through incarnational living. We believe that every human has a spark of longing and passion for the love and peace of the kingdom of God, and we aim to help each other take that spark and turn it into action to love our neighbors and live into a greater wholeness. Each month we invite our readers and contributors to join us in a conversation around a theme that we believe Jesus calls us to engage with. We value storytelling and intentional experimentation as tools for personal spiritual development and engaging with one another.

Mission & Vision: We seek to build a network of support and community within which to explore creative ways to live out the teachings of Jesus through social justice, personal development, and relational understanding. Our hope is that by holding space for exploration, experimentation and vulnerable conversation, we will be able to support one another in wrestling with the big questions of existence, and in finding deeper and truer meaning in our lives and faith.

Conduct Policy: We believe that Jesus teaches us to love and respect those who seem vastly different from ourselves, and invites us to treasure our shared humanity without judgement or fear. In accordance with these values we reserve the right to reject any and all submissions that do not fit our criteria and mission or that use language that disrespects or alienates people and groups based on race, sexuality, belief system, etc.
Our goal is that Ignited Magazine and its community will be a safe, inclusive space for processing our individual and collective journeys as followers of Jesus seeking to embody his teachings in our lives. Creating a safe space requires respect between our readers, contributors, and editors in their comments, writing, and interactions on our social media platforms. Individuals who are repetitively disrespectful, intolerant, or purposefully inflammatory may be asked to leave or blocked. We value cultivating space for honest discussion of even controversial issues, however, this cannot be achieved without participants in these discussions choosing to interact with one another in respectful and loving ways.