July Prompt: Share Your Passions!

Submission deadline: July 29th (we will be posting contributions throughout the month as we receive them) This month we’re doing something a little different with our conversation. Instead of writing on a predetermined theme or responding to a prompt, we’re asking you to share something you’re excited about with us! Whether you’re learning something new, or you recently had an experience that shifted something for … Continue reading July Prompt: Share Your Passions!

Letter from the Editor, May 2017

Dear Readers, As is to be expected as a still very young magazine, we only receive a small number of submissions each month, but I am consistently impressed by our contributors’ vulnerability, depth, and willingness to grapple with nuance and doubt. I encourage you all to read this month’s submissions on mental health, faith, and stigma for this reason. As part of our conversation on … Continue reading Letter from the Editor, May 2017

Chronic Illness, Mental Health, and America’s Obsession with Self-Sufficiency

By Hailey Joy Scandrette The last time I wrote about my mental health journey, specifically my experience of depression, I felt that I had finally found some stability from which I could reflect, learn, and grow. It felt freeing, like a breath of fresh air, and it didn’t last. Less than a month after completing and publishing that reflection I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue … Continue reading Chronic Illness, Mental Health, and America’s Obsession with Self-Sufficiency

What I Learned in the Psych Ward

By Amber Cullen On March 19th, 2012, it was highly recommended that I go to the psychiatric hospital. Later that day, I was self-admitted (meaning I chose to go in…I wasn’t forcefully admitted) into the psychiatric hospital in Sylvania, Ohio. I desperately needed help, and I didn’t trust myself to be alone (as I had seriously contemplated suicide the previous day). *  *  *  My … Continue reading What I Learned in the Psych Ward

April/May Prompt 2017: Mental Health, Faith, and Stigma

Mental Health, Faith, and Stigma Submissions deadline: April 29th For most of my first year of college, I was very depressed. I was exhausted all the time, it was difficult to focus or motivate myself, I didn’t feel excited about things I usually felt excited about, I often felt numb and wanted to just not exist for a while, and when I didn’t feel numb … Continue reading April/May Prompt 2017: Mental Health, Faith, and Stigma

Community Organizing Resources

There has been a request this month for us to share some community organizing tools and resources alongside our conversation about resistance. Below are a few sources that might be helpful for people looking to get started with community organizing. Additionally, I encourage all of you to research what organizers in your area are already doing and how you can join in, usually a simple … Continue reading Community Organizing Resources

Sitting in the Smallness

By Georgia Lee Darkness is a slinky shadow, a foggy mist that creeps and permeates… warping truth and smothering hope… hacking apart communities and imposing barriers… and all of a sudden – we notice it. And feel very much alone and cold and soaked. For many in our nation today – friends on the “margins” or advocates and allies – it’s easy to feel this way. To be hurting and not … Continue reading Sitting in the Smallness

Letter From The Editors, March 2017

Dear Readers, Thank you for taking a look at our first issue of 2017! Although many of the people who expressed interest in participating in our conversation on Faithful Resistance were unable to do so, we still have a small but heartfelt issue to share with you this month! We encourage you to engage with the reflections we’ve published, and to let us know what you’re interested in … Continue reading Letter From The Editors, March 2017

February/March 2017 Prompt:Faithful Resistance

REVISED DEADLINE: Submissions due on Monday March 6th by 11:59pm. Last weekend I marched with thousands of people through downtown San Francisco as we grieved for our country and reminded ourselves of our collective power. In the past few years I have become increasingly aware of the terrible oppression and stark injustices that exist in our country. My anger and concern have increased since realizing … Continue reading February/March 2017 Prompt:Faithful Resistance