Letter from the Editor, July 2017

Hello friends, Unfortunately we did not receive any submissions for our summer issue. Usually I’d push the deadline back, do some outreach, and scrape together a couple of contributions to publish, but my ongoing health struggles have been taking up most of my energy this summer and I just don’t have the mental resources to make it happen this month. I feel like I am … Continue reading Letter from the Editor, July 2017

Chronic Illness, Mental Health, and America’s Obsession with Self-Sufficiency

By Hailey Joy Scandrette The last time I wrote about my mental health journey, specifically my experience of depression, I felt that I had finally found some stability from which I could reflect, learn, and grow. It felt freeing, like a breath of fresh air, and it didn’t last. Less than a month after completing and publishing that reflection I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue … Continue reading Chronic Illness, Mental Health, and America’s Obsession with Self-Sufficiency

What I Learned in the Psych Ward

By Amber Cullen On March 19th, 2012, it was highly recommended that I go to the psychiatric hospital. Later that day, I was self-admitted (meaning I chose to go in…I wasn’t forcefully admitted) into the psychiatric hospital in Sylvania, Ohio. I desperately needed help, and I didn’t trust myself to be alone (as I had seriously contemplated suicide the previous day). *  *  *  My … Continue reading What I Learned in the Psych Ward

Sitting in the Smallness

By Georgia Lee Darkness is a slinky shadow, a foggy mist that creeps and permeates… warping truth and smothering hope… hacking apart communities and imposing barriers… and all of a sudden – we notice it. And feel very much alone and cold and soaked. For many in our nation today – friends on the “margins” or advocates and allies – it’s easy to feel this way. To be hurting and not … Continue reading Sitting in the Smallness

Jesus in the Midst

By Georgia Lee Proposition V: Tax on Distributing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages. Proposition Q : Prohibiting tents on sidewalks. Proposition W: Real Estate Transfer Tax on Properties Over $5 Million. Proposition 67: Ban on Single-use Plastic Bags. Proposition 62: Repeal of the Death Penalty. Presidents, Senators, Representatives, Judges, School Board Members, City Supervisors… This election I have decisions to make about 51 positions and propositions. Voting : … Continue reading Jesus in the Midst

Where Love Resides

By Brent Andrews Generally speaking, I do not consider myself a particularly political person. I like to think that I am civically engaged and conscious; however, I have never wanted to hold a position in any office or run for county mayor. I try not to avoid political discourse all of the time because I think it has the power to bring up interesting conversation, … Continue reading Where Love Resides

Radical Love in Daily Politics

By Hailey Joy Scandrette I first remember really becoming aware of politics as a concept when I was 10. It was 2004, and there was an election going on. I had a couple friends whose parents talked about politics a lot at home, and who had learned to mimic conversations about politics pretty well. It all seemed very cynical and intimidating to me. The wild … Continue reading Radical Love in Daily Politics