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Appropriate Submission Material: Submissions should reflect the monthly theme. Each month we will post a prompt with guiding questions. Submissions may respond to one or many of these questions, or may address the theme from a different perspective. If you would like to suggest a theme either email us or join our facebook community group, Ignited Collective and share your suggestion in a post. We want to be having conversations that are important and relevant to you, so please don’t hesitate to share your input! 

Guidelines for Submissions: Contributors must be between the ages of 18 and 30. Written submissions should be 400-1200 words. Non-written artistic submissions should include at least 2-5 sentences describing the piece and its relevance to the prompt. We believe that vulnerability and storytelling are powerful tools of human connection and therefore encourage our contributors to root their writing and art in their own experiences. All submissions should be sent to and copied into the body of the email (we have found that this lends itself best to the formatting quirks of our site). In addition to your submission please include:
1. A title for your piece.
2. A short (2-5 sentence) bio about who you are, how you spend your time (work, school, hobbies, etc), and what you’re passionate about/interested in that we can publish alongside your submission. Please write this bio in the third-person.*
3. A photograph of yourself to accompany your bio (optional).*

*After your first published submission we will keep your picture and bio on file, so unless you want to update them you will not need to resubmit them every time you write for us.